iPad 2 Already Jailbroken

Less than two days after the launch of the iPad 2, the device has already been jailbroken. Comex, one of the most prominent members of the Dev Team, already posted pictures of a brand new iPad 2 running Cydia. Not much is known about the jailbreak at this stage, as it has not been released yet – in other words, expect a couple of extra days/weeks before the jailbreak hits the streets. Interestingly enough, the new jailbreak allegedly works remotely, which seems to imply that the jailbreak could work thanks to a web-based exploit, the same method used by comex to jailbreak iOS 3.x and 4.0 powered devices, via the jailbreakme.com website. Note that comex didn’t elaborate on whether the jailbreak is tethered or untethered.

Back in August 2010, comex, the author of theĀ Spirit jailbreak, launched a website to allow iOS-powered devices users to jailbreak their device via a simple method: users only needed to go to jailbreakme.com via Mobile Safari to instantly jailbreak their device.