at&t Offering Free Month of Data with iPad 2 Purchase

If you’re still wondering whether you should get a Verizon or at&t compatible iPad 2, at&t’s latest offer may tip the balance in its favor: the wireless provider will let you try your first month for free. For a limited time, at&t will offer one free month of data, up to 2GB. The company will ask you to sign up to its dataconnect personal plan, but since the plan is a month-to-month plan, nothing will prevent you from canceling the data plan at the end of the free trial period, in case you are not satisfied.

The deal will save you $25, and should be available for at least a month. To take advantage of the offer, simply head over to at&t’s website to sign up. If you’re still not completely sure about which 3G wireless provider to pick for your iPad 2, head over to our detailed head-to-head comparison between at&t and Verizon (see here and here).