Augmented Reality Apps Coming to iPad 2

We’ve seen a slew of augmented reality apps for the iPhone, but these apps simply couldn’t be ported to the first generation iPad, as the device lacked the necessary cameras. Now that the iPad 2 offers cameras, developers are working double shift to bring their augmented reality apps to the new tablet. Total Immersion, an iOS development outlet, struck first, as their AR Magic Mirror app is already almost finalized. AR Magic Mirror is a FaceTime-like app that allows you to enhance your video, by altering how you look, via different effects. The app allows you to change your hairstyle, replace your outfit, and wear virtual accessories. It uses face-tracking technologies to locate the character’s face, in order to apply the proper effects accordingly.

While the concept behind the app is a bit silly, the fact that it was put together in a matter of days shows that the iPad 2 offers the right combination of processing power, portability, and broad customer base, to become a major augmented reality platform in the near future. For instance, department stores could use iPad 2s to allow shoppers to try virtual outfits. Also note that other types of augmented reality apps, such as real time translation apps like World Lens, are already under development, and should soon hit the App Store.