iPhone – Verizon Market Share Growing Steadily

Since the launch of the Verizon-compatible iPhone 4 about a month ago, the mobile operator managed to convince a sizable share of iPhone users to switch to its network. As a result, the share of iPhone users on Verizon grew from nothing, to a whopping 12 percent – in other words, 1 out of 8 iPhone owners in the U.S. currently use Verizon’s network, instead of at&t’s. The news comes from Chikita, an ad firm that tracks web usage patterns. The day of the launch of the Verizon iPhone 4, the firm setup a live tracker showing the balance of at&t and Verizon iPhones showing up on its advertising network. The steady growth of Verizon’s share of iPhone users is impressive, as at&t enjoyed a four years headstart over its competitor. At this rate, and once the iPhone 5 is out, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Verizon’s share rise up to 30+ percent. The iPhone 5 will most likely be compatible with both at&t and Verizon, similarly to the second generation iPad released last Friday. While not announced yet, the new device is expected to be introduced by Apple before this summer.