Alleged iPhone 5 Cases Spotted on the Web

Over the last couple of days, alleged iPhone 5 cases coming from China have been flooding the global trade website Alibaba, one of the most accurate source for pictures of parts for unreleased devices. The cases show a design almost identical to the iPhone 4, as the locations of the openings for camera, flash, SIM card slot, side control buttons, sleep button, audio jack, and dock connector remain unchanged. The design of these new cases is in line with the alleged iPhone 5 parts and design drawings released over the last couple of weeks, and seems to confirm that the iPhone 5 should look like its predecessor, with the exception of its screen, expected to as large as 4 inches. Besides its larger screen, the iPhone 5 is expected to sport the new Apple A5 dual-core processor already featured in the iPad 2, and will be available in two colors, white and black. Note that MacBidouille, a French website focused on Apple products, released a similar picture earlier today.