Despite Some Issues, iPad 2 Screen Vastly Better than Predecessor

DisplayMate Technologies just released the results of a head-to-head comparison between the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4 screens. Except the fact that the iPad 2 display is not ‘retina-grade’, the results show that the display is as good as its iPhone 4 counterpart. From a hardware standpoint, the display is rated “excellent,” with great power efficiency, effective screen contrast, picture quality and color and grayscale accuracy. However, the report also suggests that Apple is not taking full advantage of the capabilities offered by the new display, as software changes could make the iPad 2 experience look even better. DisplayMate Technologies mentions the fact that the iOS user interface is lacking basic features such as advanced anti-aliasing, which would help compensate for the display’s lower pixel density – after all, thanks to the additional power offered by the new Apple A5 processor, implementing better anti-aliasing mechanisms into iOS should be a breeze.

Interestingly enough, the website notes that the implementation of the automatic brightness controls is still very buggy under iOS 4.3, as the device does not seem to adjust the screen brightness accurately, even when the ambient light is reduced significantly – note that this issue is not iPad 2 specific, as it seems to be affecting all iOS-powered devices running iOS 4.3. Improved performance does not necessarily mean increased quality though, as a sizable amount of iPad 2s sold since the launch of the device on March 11th show major screen problems, including bleeding backlight, dead pixels, and yellow spots. If you experience any of these issues, simply return your device to your local Apple Store. Be prepared to wait several weeks before getting a new unit though, as all stores are out of stock.