Enable GPS on WiFi-Only iPad (First and Second Generation)

The WiFi-only iPad 2 may be cheaper and much easier to find that its 3G-enabled counterpart, it lacks the proper GPS chip to allow iPad 2 users to turn the device into a navigation powerhouse. Everything’s not lost though, as if you happen to own an iPhone 3G(S) or iPhone 4, your Wifi-only iPad 2 will be able to pull the GPS information coming from the phone, when tethered to it. The news comes from a CultOfMac reader, who discovered the functionality by chance during a recent road trip. The man fired up the Maps app while his WiFi-only iPad 2 was tethered to his iPhone, in order to pull some maps from the internet. Instantly, the app started to show his precise location. The reader was using the Personal Hotspot feature that comes with iOS 4.3, as iPhone-iPad tethering does not work via Bluetooth out of the box, and requires jailbroken devices to work. The location updates coming from the iPhone seem to be fed to the iPad only once a minute, so do not expect turn-by-turn apps to work properly – still, if you happen to be lost or need some basic directions while on the road, this trick will help you get back on track.