White iPhone 4 on its Way, Compatible with Verizon

Over the weekend, Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller confirmed via his Twitter account that the white iPhone 4 would be available this spring. According to Schiller’s tweet, the device is “a beauty,” but the marketing guru omitted to mention which version of the iPhone he was referring to. Phil Schiller was in fact talking about the iPhone 4, as new white iPhone 4 icons hidden deep inside the latest version of iTunes have been discovered by a MacRumors reader. The icons show both CDMA and GSM versions of the phone, implying that white iPhone 4s compatible with both Verizon and at&t are underway.

White Verizon iPhone 4 (left) – White at&t iPhone 4 icon (right)

The placement of the “antenna gaps” is different from one phone to the other, and is in line with the location of the antenna gaps on at&t and Verizon black iPhone 4s. The presence of these icons does not necessarily mean that a white Verizon iPhone 4 will ever be launched, but their inclusion in the latest version of iTunes is unlikely to be a coincidence. On a side note, releasing a white iPhone 4 would make very little sense at this stage, as the iPhone 5 is slated to hit store selves within the next three months.