Saint Patrick’s Day iPhone and iPad Apps Roundup

Today is Saint-Patrick’s Day, and if you haven’t planned anything yet on this festive day, here are a couple apps to keep your night as enjoyable as possible. And remember, drink with moderation! iQuarters (Universal, $1.99) / Quarters (Universal, Free)

Two games specifically built for corner pubs and frat houses. Step away from that beer soaked table to play the traditional tavern table game, directly on your iPhone or iPad. Both games offer realistic physics, strategy and surreal trick shots. If paying $1.99 for iQuarters is too much for you, the cheaper – albeit less fun – Quarters is also available (free). Happy Hours (iPhone, Free)

Happy Hours is a happy hour guide, designed to show you all of the food and drink specials going on near you. The app offers pictures of a slew of bars and restaurants, detailed menus, and most importantly, the places around you currently having happy hours. BeerChooser – (Universal, Free)

Looking for a new beer to try? Select a couple of your favorite brews, and after you’ve rated a few beers, BeerChooser will give you recommendations tailored specifically to your preferences, guiding you to sudsy new horizons in craft beer. Drunkometer (iPhone, $0.99)

If you’re not sure whether you should drive or not, Drunkometer will help you assess if you’re drunk, by checking your reaction time and stability. If the app finds out that you’re drunk, it gives you the option to email your current location to a friend. Don’t have a friend that can come and get you? That’s okay, the Drunkometer also lets you look for a taxi nearby. Angry Birds Season – (iPhone / $0.99, iPad / $1.99)

If you’re bored at the bar, Angry Birds Season will keep you entertained, thanks to its St. Patrick’s Day themed levels. The iPhone version will cost you $0.99, while the iPad version sells for $1.99. Texts From Last Night – (iPhone, $0.99)

Remember that text you shouldn’t have sent last night? Well, the app developers do. Text From Last Night allows you to view all the hilarious text messages featured on the site of the same name. You can also view the best and worst nights, save and vote on your favorite texts, and submit your own texts to the site!