iOS 4.3 – A Power Hungry Update?

iOS 4.3 brings a slew of new features to the table, such as personal hotspot support, iTunes subscriptions support, and AirPlay video streaming for third-party apps, to name a few. The new OS also offers full support for the iPad 2, and comes with a new ultra-fast JavaScript engine, dubbed Nitro, designed to boost Mobile Safari‚Äôs performance by up to three times. However, it would appear that the update also brought a new ‘feature’ to iOS-powered devices: a noticeably shorter battery life. According to users reports published on Apple’s support forums, in some cases, updating to iOS 4.3 seems to lead to severely shortened battery life, as some iPhone 4s upgraded to the new version of the operating system have seen their battery life reduced by as much as four hours. According to the users affected by the issue, their device needs to be recharged several times a day, which prompted some of them to restore their phones to the previous iteration of iOS, iOS 4.2.1.
I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3. I went to bed last night and battery was about 50%. This morning I couldn’t switch my iPhone 4 on! Battery was completely drained out! Currently recharging and observing… I wanted to add my voice to those who have experienced battery train. I woke up this morning with my battery charged at 100% I unplugged it and had breakfast, an how later I was at 96%, which I found weird since I hadn’t used it. I thought maybe the alarm clock app that was still on was draining. That was 9am. Today, I took one picture with the camera and had all apps off. The battery died at about 3:30pm. All apps were closed… this is unacceptable. Apple, please find the problem This is definitely an issue with 4.3. I just drove 3.5 hrs, starting with. 100% battery. At the end of my drive, as I type it’s at 61%. In fact, it’s gone from from 63 to 61 from the time I brought of safari to now – about 5 minutes. For the entire drive, it was just sitting in my bag on the passenger seat. I noticed the issue within 30 minutes of upgrading 4.3 the other day. Those of us who use our iOS devices regularly know exactly how the battery life is, so when I install 4.3 at 100% usage and am at 80% 30m later with no usage, don’t tell me there is a rogue app or I need to disable this or that. I know exactly how my iPad operates.
If you experience the issue, and if reverting back to iOS 4.2.1 is not for you, note that several solutions were suggested by iPhone users, including a full restore to iOS 4.3, disabling location services, resetting ActiveSync settings for users on an Exchange server, turning off notifications, and switching off WiFi and Bluetooth, to name a few. On the other hand, some users report a better battery life, since their phone was upgraded to iOS 4.3:
The problems you described have happened to a few iPhones with every release since the beginning of iPhone time. The exact symptoms you describe. They even happen sometimes between versions. My 4.3 gets noticeably BETTER battery life than 4.2.1 did, so it clearly is not a general problem.
The iOSnoops team collectively owns six iPhones (three at&t iPhone 4s, one Verizon iPhone 4, and two iPhone 3GS), and only one of them seems to be showing some battery issues since the upgrade to iOS 4.3. While the phone showed a moderately – yet noticeable – shortened battery life, the impact was not judged significant enough to justify a downgrade to iOS 4.2.1, given the other advantages offered by the new version of iOS. If you experience battery issues with your iOS 4.3 device, feel free to leave a comment below.