Major Explosion Recorded with iPhone 4 and iPad 2

Robert Stephens, a Minneapolis resident, and co-founder of Geek Squad, is the first man to use his iPad 2 to report breaking news. While on his way to work, Stephens witnessed a major explosion at a nearby gas station, and immediately started to record the disaster with his iPhone. Once recorded, Stephens transferred the video to his iPad 2 via a USB Camera Kit, and edited his video via iMovie to create a full blown report, including map, subtitles and voice overs, in a matter of minutes. He then uploaded the footage to YouTube, which was subsequently picked up by local news channels such as CNN and MSNBC. The result is quite impressive, and looks as good as more traditional news channels reports. Also note that thanks to Stephens’ footage, local authorities will also be able to better understand what really happened, and what sparked the explosion, as he was one of the first to arrive at the scene.