MobileMe ‘Reloaded’ Launch Confirmed for Next Month

After months of speculation, Apple finally started to communicate on the future of its online service, MobileMe. According to iLounge, in an email sent to its suppliers, the Cupertino-based company announced that it will not sell MobileMe subscriptions any longer, as the company is giving final touches to MobileMe ‘Reloaded’, a completely revamped version expected to launch soon. Apple is also recommending its suppliers to encourage new MobileMe users to sign up for the 60-day MobileMe trial currently offered to all new customers, suggesting that the launch will occur within the next two months. MobileMe – as we know it today – proved to be a commercial failure, and over the last couple of years, Apple started to offer paid features such as ‘Find my iPhone’ for free, in hopes of luring more users. Apple quickly realized that the service needed a major overhaul, and most importantly, needed to be free, in order to be a success. MobileMe is expected to become the visible portion of Apple’s soon-to-be-introduced cloud-based services, and should be used extensively by iOS 5, in order to store user contacts, calendar information, and even files. The new version of the service is expected to be announced at a media event in late April, at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Cali., alongside iOS 5.