How to Become a Millionaire with an iOS App, in 58,398 Easy Steps

While most iOS developers typically earn $5,000 or less for each iOS app they release, the App Store did help make a few of them actual millionaires. If you need some help to become one of the handful of lucky ones, instantShift and Wix just put together this easy… 58,398 steps tutorial! The infographics actually reveals quite a few interesting facts about iOS developers. For instance, the average price of the apps sold on the App Store is $2.45, which equates to $1.72 in the developer’s pocket, after Apple’s 30 percent cut. Based on this average profit per app, a typical developer must then sell 581,395 copies of his app to become a millionaire (actually, to remain millionaire, the developer will likely have to sell a lot more than that, as the infographics doesn’t take into account Uncle Sam’s cut). Other interesting facts, lead apps developers are usually paid around $100,000 per year, but we assume they’re talking about large development shops such as EA or Rovio, and not indie/freelance developers, who are usually paid on a per-job basis. If you have an idea for an iPhone or iPad app as good – and as simple – as Doodle Jump, note that app made its two developers millionaires in less three months.