Slew of Augmented Reality Apps Coming to iPhone and iPad

A slew of augmented reality apps are coming to the iPad and the iPhone. Earlier this week, we talked about apps such as AR Magic Mirror, an app that uses face-tracking technologies to allow its users to change their hairstyle, replace their outfit, and wear virtual accessories. This time around, the app is a game, as Toca Boca, a small iOS development shop, recently jumped on the augmented reality bandwagon and put together a new little app for the iPhone, called Helicopter Taxi. The goal of the game is to run a helicopter taxi that picks up various characters that need to be dropped off at specific locations. All locations are physical locations in the room, and to complete the game, the player is required to fly the helicopter by walking around, and lay the phone down flat to pick up and drop off passengers. The game uses the phone camera to give the impression that the helicopter is actually flying in the room, and leverages the phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to know when the user is trying to pick up or drop off the characters. While the game’s concept is extremely simple, as it is designed for young kids, the result is nothing short of impressive.