Need to Improve your iPhone 4 Reception? Use a Glass!

This trick will sound bizarre at best, but according to the folks over at thenextweb, it works. If you happen to be in a location where your iPhone shows the dreaded ‘No Signal’ warning, your phone may still be able to connect to the closest cell tower, with the help of a good old plain glass. The trick does not work everywhere, but in some cases, it actually does (details after the break). From the original article:
After a few minutes I wanted to check in and maybe even tweet something so I grabbed my iPhone but immediately noticed I had no signal. Not even one bar, just a very depressing “No signal” warning. Apparently I looked disappointed because the waiter came over right away and asked me “Can’t get a signal?”. I nodded and shrugged. Oh well. Then he offered “Do you want a glass?”. I figured he offered me another drink to cope with my disappointment but as I hadn’t even touched the Prosecco yet I thanked him and declined. But then he said “No, I mean for your iPhone!”. Now I was confused. What the hell would I need a glass for my iPhone for? He smiled and said “It improves the reception. Here, look!” and he pointed to a row of phones, stuck in glasses, on the top shelf behind the bar. […] The waiter gave me glass, I put my iPhone in, reluctantly, and lo and behold: I got 3 bars and no 3G but some GPRS. Not perfect but a huge improvement from the “No signal” message I got earlier.
We’re not exactly sure as to how a glass can actually enhance the reception of a phone, but some basic tests performed in a restaurant here in Austin, TX indeed showed a significant improvement of the reception of our iPhones, once placed in glasses.

There’s really not much you can do with an iPhone in a glass, so you’ll be limited to receiving text messages – unless you happen to carry a bluetooth headset with you.