Apple Sues Amazon over ‘App Store’ Name

Apple invented the term ‘App Store’, and recently took the proper steps to make sure no other company can use it without getting its permission first, by filing an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the term. Apple immediately entered a battle with Microsoft, as the latter tried to block Apple’s trademark application. According to Bloomberg, another battle involving the term ‘App Store’ started late last week, and this time around, Amazon is the company going head-to-head against Apple. On March 18, Apple filed a complaint against Amazon, accusing the company of trademark infringement and unfair competition, and requesting a court order to prevent Amazon from using the ‘App Store’ name. Amazon has been working on its very own Android ‘appstore’ since January 2011, and has been reaching out to developers to convince them to start using the platform. An Amazon-powered Android App Store would most likely help boost Android apps sales, as is visited by a whopping 2.5 million shoppers every single day.