‘Anti-Gay’ App Pulled From App Store [u]

After days of controversy, Apple finally decided to pull the Exodus International app from the App Store. The app, released last week, was put together by a religious group, to help “homosexual strugglers [sic].” Surprisingly, Apple chose not to get involved, until it received a petition signed by over 145,000 people, asking the Cupertino-based company to pull the app. As of tonight, the app is not available on the App Store any longer. The app was available as a free download for over seven days – seven days too many, based on the reviews it received:
its extremely misleading to say “Receiving a 4+ rating from Apple” – Apple doesn’t give this **** 4+ stars, your friends that are already like-minded have voted it as such. It is not Apple that is voting. The reason it got 4+ stars is because the people that would actually want and download this application have already made up their mind about it before they even downloaded it. If you’re a homophobe and someone posts a homophobe app, of course it will get high rankings, its reaffirming your own beliefs. The Bible says that God created all things, so isn’t it reasonable therefore to assume that he also created people who are attracted to the same sex and want same sex relationships. How do you explain this? How are you showing love when you are judgmental of others….i would say by your bible, that makes you a sinner as well.
While no official reason was given, we’re quietly hoping that the initial approval of the app was a mishap, and that the App Store staff finally corrected its mistake. Update: Apple finally communicatd on the reason why it pulled the app.
We removed the Exodus International app from the App Store because it violates our developer guidelines by being offensive to large groups of people.
Good riddance.