Microsoft Going After iPad 2 with New Ads Campaign

Microsoft does not seem to appreciate the fact that none of its Windows-powered tablets are getting any attention, while everybody has been talking about the iPad 2 for the last three weeks. In an attempt at reversing the trend, Microsoft recently released a slew of online ads to promote its Windows 7 operating system, and the tablets currently using it. In the videos, the Redmond-based company shows people coming from all walks of life, from small business owners to bloggers, all using Windows 7 powered tablets. The videos do not directly mention the iPad 2, but make obvious references to its shortcomings.

From the fact that unlike iOS, Windows is able to run full-blown apps such as Photoshop or Excel, to the fact that Windows-powered tablets can offer a full web experience out of the box, the ads take several indirect shots at the iPad 2.

Microsoft and most PC manufacturers are working double shift to introduce new tablet-like PCs, in order to fight against Apple, as the company took over the tablet market as soon as the first generation iPad was introduced. The ‘iPad effect’ also impacted PC sales, as many buyers in the market for a new notebook/netbook eventually decided to buy an iPad instead.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft conveniently forgot to mention the fact that all the Windows-powered tablets in the works are significantly bulkier than the iPad, and sell for at least twice as much.

[Via Mashable]