AirPlay Video Streaming Coming to HDTVs

AirPlay is by far one of the most convenient ways to share and stream content between mobile devices, computers, and digital media receivers. Initially reserved for Apple gear and apps only, AirPlay is quickly making its way into an increasing number of apps and devices, as the iOS 4.3 update finally allowed third party apps to use the feature, and most audio receiver makers announced and/or released AirPlay-compatible products. According to a Bloomberg report, AirPlay could make its way into even more devices soon, as Apple is allegedly in talks with HDTV makers to allow them to use AirPlay for streaming movies and TV shows. Native AirPlay support in HDTVs would allow iOS-powered devices, as well as computers running iTunes, to push content directly to the screen, without having to use a third party device, or an Apple TV. While the move could potentially hurt Apple TV sales, the revenue loss would most likely be offset by the revenue generated by additional movies and shows purchased by iOS and iTunes users able to use AirPlay directly on their TV. Interestingly enough, Apple is not willing to give away the technology yet, as Apple allegedly asks about $4 for each AirPlay-enabled device sold. Given the large amounts of HDTVs sold worldwide annually, AirPlay licensing could potentially become a new, large revenue stream for Apple. According to the report, the first TV models to support AirPlay should be released later this year.