iOS 4.3.1 Update to Fix iOS 4.3 Battery Life Issues?

iOS 4.3 brought a slew of new features to the table, such as personal hotspot support, iTunes subscriptions support, AirPlay video streaming support for third-party apps, and a new ultra-fast JavaScript engine, to name a few. However, the update also brought a new ‘feature’ to iOS-powered devices: a noticeably shorter battery life for some devices, as reported by a slew of users on Apple’s support forums. According to BGR, the upcoming iOS update – dubbed iOS 4.3.1 – should help users affected by the short battery life issue.
Battery life seems a tad bit better, though that’s not scientific at all
According to the users affected by the issue, their device needs to be recharged several times a day, which prompted some of them to restore their phones to the previous iteration of iOS, iOS 4.2.1. If you experience the issue, and cannot wait for iOS 4.3.1 to be released, note that several solutions were suggested by iPhone users, including a full restore to iOS 4.3, disabling location services, resetting ActiveSync settings for users on an Exchange server, turning off notifications, and switching off WiFi and Bluetooth, to name a few. [Credit Picture: BGR]