Word Lens now Available on iPad 2

If you plan to go to a Spanish-speaking country soon, and own an iPad 2, you’re in luck, as developer Quest Visual just launched a universal version of Word Lens, the app able to translate any text from Spanish to English (and vice versa) in real-time. Hundreds of translation apps are available in the App Store, so what makes this app so special? The app doesn’t actually need you to input any text, all you need to do is to point your iPad 2 or iPhone camera to the sign/text that needs to be translated, and the app automatically replaces the words it recognizes with the translated version, directly on your screen.

The augmented reality app does not just replace the text with its translated version, it actually does a great job at matching fonts, colors, and text size. In other words, the end result looks almost real.

A simple test: Reverse Words

The app is free, however, each dictionary will cost you $4.99. Note that for now, only Spanish and English dictionaries are available, but the developer plans to add more languages soon.

Word Lens for iPhone can be downloaded here.