greenpois0n to Jailbreak iPad 2 Soon

A couple of days ago, Chronic-Dev Team member Joshua Hill, aka p0sixninja, posted a mysterious hash key on its twitter account, without giving any details about which device the key was related to. While most of us thought that the key was meant to help unlock iPhones running the upcoming iOS 4.3.1 update, it appears that in fact, the key is related to the iPad 2. Earlier today, the hacker posted a new tweet to clarify his initial message, and confirmed that the hash was indeed related to an upcoming iPad 2 jailbreak.
To clear things up, the hash I posted a few days ago wasn’t unlock related, it was iPad2 jailbreak related
While at this stage, no date was given for the release of a version of greenpois0n able to jailbreak the iPad 2, it shouldn’t take long before the Chronic-Dev Team launches an update to its tool. Meanwhile, first generation iPad and iPhone users looking for an iOS 4.3 compatible jailbreak can use sn0wbreeze, a Windows-compatible, tethered jailbreak released a couple of weeks ago.