How to Really Control Times Square’s Screens with an iPhone

About ten days ago, an impressive video of a man who rigged his iPhone with a video transmitter/repeater to hijack video billboards around Times Square hit YouTube. Even if fake, the video proved to be extremely popular, as it was viewed by almost 3 million people in a matter of days. After watching the video, Adi Isakovic, the developer behind TubeMote, contacted the advertising agency that owns the billboards around Times Square, to actually show how pushing a video from an iPhone to a billboard can be done – for real this time. TubeMote is a service that allows users to turn their iPhones into YouTube remotes, by pushing YouTube videos to any of their web browsers, on any machine. Isakovic was allowed to push a video of his dog – Cookie – on a 5,000 square foot billboard in Times Square, directly from his iPhone. While the end result is not as impressive as the original video, the system actually works, and could potentially allow advertisers sell advertising slots to regular – yet wealthy – people, instead of the traditional Cokes and Pepsis of the world.

The original video – A viral hoax to advertise the movie Limitless