iPad 2 International Launch Tomorrow – Warning: Be Prepared to Wait, and it Will be Pricey

The folks over at Setteb.it posted a detailed chart about the international prices of the iPad 2, the day before the device actually hits the store shelves of Australia, Germany, Italy, and 22 other countries across the globe. If you happen to live in the U.S. and think the device is too expensive, the chart above will quickly make you change your mind, as folks living abroad will have to pay a hefty premium over Americans. For instance, the 16 GB WiFi-only iPad 2 sells for no less than $575 including sales tax, and can cost up to a whopping $690 including sales tax, depending on the country. In comparison, the same device costs $499 in the U.S. – about $545 after adding an average sales tax of 9.2 percent. The most expensive iPad 2 will be sold to folks living in Norway, as the 64 GB, 3G-enabled iPad 2 will cost 823 Euros over there, about $1,150 – a whopping $250 premium, when compared to the same model sold here in the U.S. Australia fared much better, as of all 25 countries about to receive iPad 2 shipments tonight, the country will enjoy the cheapest iPad 2 prices. Meanwhile, the Apple online stores in several countries, including New Zealand and Australia, are already accepting orders for the device. International buyers, be prepared to wait, as all models currently show 2 to 3 weeks shipping lead times.