Apple Working on its Own Navigation and Maps Services for iPhone and iPad

Since the introduction of the iPhone back in 2007, Apple has partnered with Google to provide the default Maps application that comes with iOS by default. Back then, the two companies were very close, but over the last four years, the relationship between the two turned sour, as Google launched its own mobile operating system, and started to compete with Apple on many fronts. As a result, Apple could soon offer its very own navigation service, meant to replace the Google-powered Maps app. As noted by 9to5mac, Apple posted a new iOS-related job opening on its corporate website, focused on maps and navigation technologies.
The Maps team is looking for an exceptional developer to join us in our mission to radically improve how people interact with maps and location-based services.
Not so long ago, Apple was already looking for candidates extremely familiar with the development of navigation software on a massive scale, possibly powered Appleā€™s next generation data center, recently built in North Carolina. Over a year ago, Google introduced its own turn-by-turn app for Android devices, and since then, Google added features such as an offline mode, as well as a new 3D view mode. In comparison, the iOS version of the app – also built by Google – has been lagging, as it only offers very basic features.