iPhone – The World’s Favorite Camera – Infographics

The folks over at geekaphone have been working for a while on a series about the “iPhone as a serious photographic tool”, to see if the device could actually be used as a substitute for more expensive cameras. The fifth part of the series is focused on the evolution of the iPhone’s camera, as well the image processing capabilities of the device, thanks to photography apps such as Instagram, 360 Panorama and Hipstamatic. As it turns out, the iPhone camera is the world’s #1 camera. While comparing the iPhone to high end cameras is not exactly fair, as unlike a camera, the phone’s main function is to place phone calls and send messages, the series posted by geekaphone shows that the device fares surprisingly well, especially in situations where bringing a DSLR is not exactly convenient, such as a concert. But what really stands out of their infographics is the tremendous popularity the phone’s camera has enjoyed since the launch of the original iPhone back in 2007. For flickr alone, the iPhone 3G/S and iPhone 4 are among the most popular devices used to take/post pictures, alongside much more expensive cameras, such as the Canon EOS series.