Some Interesting Facts About Verizon iPhone Users

Advertising outlet Mobclix just released the results from a survey conducted on Verizon iPhone 4 users, and offers some interesting facts about them. Bad reception rhymes with bad reputation The top 3 reasons for iPhone owners who switched from at&t to Verizon were reception issues, personal hotspot and reputation. Not surprising, given that the Verizon iPhone offers a lower dropped call rate than its at&t counterpart. Note that personal hotspot has been available on at&t iPhone 4s since the iOS 4.3 update. Location, location, location The cities with the highest concentration of Verizon iPhone users are San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, New York City & Boston. Not bad at all, given that these cities are among the wealthiest cities in the U.S. (residents: 20M for New-York, 10M Los Angeles, 2.5M for Chicago, 1M for San Francisco, 600,000 for Boston, 500,000 for Seattle). Escape at all costs Some iPhone fans were so eager to run away from at&t that they agreed to pay termination fees. Two out of three users agreed to pay fees of up to a whopping $325. Bad reception encourages WiFi use While the at&t iPhone offers better throughput than its Verizon counterpart, surprisingly, Verizon users use WiFi a lot less than at&t users: at&t iPhone owners use WiFi instead of 3G more than half of the time, while Verizon iPhone owners use WiFi only a third of the time. Bad reception anyone? Growing fast Fourteen percent of all iPhone 4 owners already use Verizon’s network, not too bad, especially given the fact that the phone has been on sale for less than two months. [Picture credit: Mobclix]