Cydia 1.1 for iPhone and iPad Just Released – “Faster, Slimmer, and More Stable”

Earlier today, Jay Freeman, also known as saurik, released a new version of Cydia, the other iOS app store. The update, dubbed 1.1, brings a slew of bug fixes, and most importantly, brings a better experience to Cydia users, thanks to major changes made within the app, and Cydia’s back-end. According to saurik, Cydia is now faster, slimmer and more stable than ever. It also offers a more efficient search engine, and the service now allows users to resume where they left off – a long-awaited feature that was missing from Cydia since its launch three years ago. Other improvements include:
  • The ability to run and operate Activator, libstatusbar, and SimulatedKeyEvents while Cydia is running
  • An overall speed improvement, including the “Loading Changes” dialog
  • “Much less” memory usage
  • A more advanced search mechanism with a new relevancy algorithm
  • Better management of broken repositories
Overall, the app is much snappier, and browsing through categories or performing a search is noticeably faster, even though it yields less results than before. And being able to go back to the search results after leaving the app is a major plus brought by the update.

To update Cydia, fire up the app, and an “Essential Upgrade” box should pop-up. Hit “Complete Upgrade,” let Cydia install new packages and update the community sources, and after a couple of minutes, Cydia should be updated to 1.1.