More iPad 2 Camera Bugs Identified [video]

Since the launch of the iPad 2, several users have reported issues with the device’s cameras. For instance, the version of FaceTime that ships with the iPad 2 feels a bit rushed, as the app is plagued with several bugs, including freezing issues that require a full device restart. More reports about iPad 2 camera bugs are pouring in, as reported by the folks over at CultOfMac, who posted some incredibly weird screenshots illustrating the issue. The site managed to capture the problem on tape while taking a video with an iPad 2 inside a car wash:
I compiled some still images from a recording that I made while inside a car wash. I had my iPad 2 in my bag, and I figured that, since I’ve yet to record a video on it, I could just record my trip through the car wash. During the two and a half minutes that I was in there, I noticed that the colors were “glitching-out.” It’s happened three times now.
At this stage, not much is known about what’s causing the issue, whether it’s a simple software bug that could easily be squashed via an iOS update, or a more serious hardware flaw. Since iOS 4.3.1 doesn’t seem to have corrected the issue, and since Apple hasn’t officially communicated on the problem yet, a growing number of iPad 2 users now believe that the glitch could be more serious than initially believed. In the first video below, the issue can be seen at around 00:35, 01:19, as well as 02:08. The second video offers a frame-by-frame view of the problem.