Just Bought your First iPhone? Apple Just Released a Guide for You

In order to help new iPhone owners navigate through the 350,000 iPhone apps available on the App Store, and get started with their new device, Apple recently created a new section on its website dedicated to iPhone apps. The new pages are not meant to showcase the latest and greatest apps on the App Store, but are instead focused on essential apps users should download first, depending on their preferences. Apps are ordered by theme, namely Apps for the New Year, Apps for Cooks, Apps for the Great Outdoors, Apps for Keeping Current, Apps for Work, Apps for Music, Apps for Students, Apps for Moms and Dads, Apps for Working Out, Apps for Managing Money, Apps for Traveling, Apps for Fun and Games, Apps for Going Out, and last but not least, Apps for Remote Control.

Category example: Apps for Fun and Games

The section also offers a slew of interviews with carefully selected developers, to show to new users that most developers behind iOS apps are nothing more than people just like them. While the guide is not perfect, it’s a great starting point for new users who are not sure where to begin with their new iPhone. The new section is available here.