Share Your Music with a Nearby Friend via Eavesdrop

Ever wanted to share the music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with a friend so you can listen to it together on your own set of headphones, without the need of a headphone splitter? Eavesdrop from developer Chocomoko does just that, as the app allows iPhone users to share their music libraries with nearby friends. The concept behind the app is similar to the Home Sharing feature offered by iTunes, as it allows users to stream music with other devices on the same network. However, Eavesdrop behaves more like an internet radio, as one master device broadcasts its tunes to all the other devices able to catch the stream, over Bluetooth or WiFi. If a friend plays a track that you like, you can bookmark it, or you can even let the app find it in the iTunes store for you. The app is currently on sale, and costs $1.99. For more details about Eavesdrop, click here.