AirFrame – Share Videos Between iOS Devices

While Eavesdrop already allows you to share and stream music between iPhones, a new app, AirFrame, will allow you to do the same with photos and videos. AirFrame, developed by App Dynamic, expands the AirPlay capabilities brought by iOS 4.2+, as it allows users to stream content from one iOS device to the other (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad). Simply fire up AirFrame on the receiving device, then launch an AirPlay-compatible app – such as YouTube – and select the video you want to stream on the sending device. Once the video is running, tap the AirPlay button on the device playing the video, select your receiving device, and the video will be pushed to that device automatically. The app is neat, and allows you to use one iOS device to control another: for instance, if you own both iPhone and iPad, the iPhone can be used as a remote control, while the video plays on the iPad. This first version only supports video and photos streaming, as music streaming hasn’t been implemented by App Dynamic yet. Note that the app requires at least iOS 4.2.1, and the two devices need to be on the same WiFi network for AirFrame to work properly. The app costs $1.99, and only need to be installed on the receiving device. More details about AirFrame here.