OnBeat – A Unique Looking iPad and iPhone Dock from JBL

JBL is about to release its new iOS-compatible dock, named the OnBeat. The OnBeat is a great-looking speaker dock able to accommodate iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, thanks to its 30-pin dock connector able to pull the audio from iOS devices, while charging them. The dock comes with a USB port, to allow users to connect their iOS device to iTunes while docked, as well as an infrared remote, to let users control their device remotely. The dock also offers a composite video output, to send videos from iOS devices to external displays. We would have preferred a full blown HDMI out connector, but that’s a decent start.

The dock’s main selling points come from its dual Phoenix full-range transducers, able to offer a full-range sound experience, as well as its unique looks. The OnBeat will also allow users to rotate their iOS device in portrait or landscape mode, to let them watch movies when their device is docked. The OnBeat system does not come cheap, as it will cost $150 once released early next month. But for iOS devices users in the market for a unique looking, and great sounding iPad, iPhone or iPod touch dock, the OnBeat will do the trick.