Take Game Boy Era Pictures via your iPhone with 8-Bit Pocket Camera

Remember the Game Boy Camera, an accessory that could be plugged into the original Game Boy to turn the device into a digital camera? Developer Dezro recently released an iOS version of the system, to allow iPhone users to take 128×112, black & white images using the same 4-color palette as the Game Boy.

Left: iPad 2 – Right: Mac Mini

The app is a blast, and just like the application that came with the original Game Boy Camera, you can use a slew of effects to tweak your pictures: multi-panels, inverted colors, stretched objects, and so on. The app also lets you change the border and the paper color of your images, and adds geo-tagging information, to help you remember where the pictures were taken. Unlike the original Game Boy Camera, the app doesn’t come with its own Game Boy Printer, but you can easily send the images by email if you want to print hardcopies. Alternatively, the app will also allow you to upload your pictures directly to Twitter and Facebook.

Left: iOSnoops.com, MacBook Pro – Right: Trees

8-Bit Pocket Camera is a fun app, especially if you grew up with the original Game Boy back in the nineties. If you want to show to your kids what kind of technology their parents used to play with when they were their age, the app will set you back $0.99. More details about 8-bit Pocket Camera here.