Track Down an iPad 2 via Real Time Inventory Trackers

The iPad 2 is such a massive success that Apple simply cannot keep up with the demand, and as a result, the device is almost impossible to find. The situation is not expected to improve soon, as the few Apple Stores that receive additional units run out of stock almost immediately. Instead of camping in front of their local Apple retail stores, potential buyers might have a better chance at getting an iPad 2 by going to alternate retailers, such as Best Buy, Walmart or Target. While Apple does not offer any way to check the inventory of its retail stores, most iPad 2 retailers actually do, and the following links, will give you real-time inventory information at all stores across the nation. Note that your mileage may vary, and even if one of the links below indicates that the device is available, you might want to call the store first to double check. Target Black model White model Best Buy Black model White model Walmart Black model White model Radioshack To check the availability of the iPad 2 at Radioshack retail stores, the folks over at the iPad 2 Locator offer a live tracking service that seems fairly accurate.