Boxee Coming to iPad in May

Boxee just announced that its iPad app will finally be released in May. Once released, the app will allow Boxee users to stream wirelessly the content available on their Boxee Box to their iPad, when connected to the same network. According to its developers, Boxee for iPad will also allow iPad users to play content stored on their Mac or PC, just like AirVideo, and the now defunct ZumoCast. To support the iPad, Boxee users will need to update the firmware of their device, slated to be released alongside the Boxee app for iPad. The next Boxee update will also include a slew of improvements, including a snappier user interface, a faster browser, and additional languages, such as Spanish and French. According to the Boxee blog, a beta version of the firmware is already being tested by the Boxee team, as well as hand picked users willing to play with the new firmware, even if still buggy.

No word on pricing yet, but the app is expected to be free. Boxee is a cross-platform home theater app designed for the living-room TV. It offers an on-screen user interface, as well as social networking features. Boxee allows its users to view, rate and recommend content to their friends through many social network services and interactive media related features. Boxee was originally based off XBMC, the free Xbox home theater app.