Cablevision Launches iPad App – 300 Live TV Channels

A couple of weeks ago, Time Warner launched its in-home TV streaming app for the iPad, a nice – but limited – app that allows Time Warner Cable users to watch TV on their iPad while at home. Earlier today, Cablevision jumped on the live TV bandwagon, thanks to its new Optimum app for iPad. Optimum is radically different from other live TV apps, as it offers a very large channel line-up, thanks to the way it pulls its content from Cablevision’s network. The app takes a very different approach than Time Warner Cable’s app, as Optimum doesn’t require an internet connection. Cablevision’s cable network pushes its content to its users’ local home networks, and the app turns the iPads connected to this network into regular cable boxes. As a result, instead of offering a handful of channels, the trick allows Cablevision to offer its full channel line-up to iPad users.

Optimum offers up to a whopping 300 TV stations, depending on the user’s cable subscription plan, 2,000 videos on-demand, as well as a slew of DVR features, such as recording, scheduling, playback, program guide, filters, and so on. Optimum for iPad is free for Cablevision’s subscribers. More details about the app here.