Bing for iPad Just Released

While Microsoft seems to be convinced that the iPad is just a “fad,” it doesn’t prevent the Redmond-based company from releasing apps for the device: the first ever Microsoft-branded iPad app, Bing for iPad, hit the App Store earlier today. Bing for iPad is very similar to its iPhone counterpart, but the added real estate brought by the iPad really makes the app shine. Just like the Bing website, the app greets you with gorgeous pictures, and the welcome screen includes a slew of widgets designed to offer up to date information about the weather, latest news, movies, trends, finance, and more. Bing for iPad packs a lot of unexpected – and useful – features, which make the app a lot more convenient than the website. The trends section is by far one of the most useful feature of the app, as it shows the hottest topics searched by Bing users, and presents them in a highly visual fashion, via large thumbnails, instead of the traditional headlines/text format.

More traditional features such as news, images, videos and maps search are also included in the app, and just like competing search engine apps, Bing for iPad supports voice search. Bing Maps is fully integrated within the app, and will allow you to quickly find businesses or people – best of all, the app also offers directions. Just like its iPhone counterpart, Bing for iPad is a free app. For more details about the app, including links to the App Store, click here.