Chillingo to Launch Six New iPhone and iPad Games

Chillingo, the publisher behind top iOS games such as Angry Birds, Minigore and Cut The Rope, is getting ready to launch its Spring games line-up, with no less than six games currently in the works. Between platformers, puzzlers, racing, tower defense and hack-and-slash games, avid gamers should be able to find something they like. D.A.R.K (GameLab) GameLab is currently working on a new dual-stick shooter called D.A.R.K. The game, a 3D dual-stick shooter, takes place in an spacecraft abandoned by its crew, and infested by aliens waiting for your character to make the wrong move, while investigating the disappearance of the ship’s crew.

Vampire Rush (A-Steroids) Vampire Rush is a combination of classic tower defense games such as Fieldrunners, and hack-and-slash games like Diablo. Be ready to improve your sword combat skills, gain special abilities, and of course, strategically place your towers across the game’s levels to slaughter countless hordes to vampires.

Swords & Soldiers (Two Tribes) Two Tribes, the developer of apps such as Frenzic and Toki Tori, is currently porting the award winning side-scrolling strategy game Swords & Soldiers. The game, originally built for WiiWare, will allow you to control three factions (Aztecs, Vikings and Imperial Chinese) fighting each other to gain the powers of the gods.

Dream Track Nation (PowPowGames) Dream Track Nation is an action-packed, fast-paced 2D racing game that will require players to build crazy tracks with loops and power ups. The game includes online level editing and sharing to allow users to build and share their creations with others.

Spider Jack (MaxNick) Spider Jack, a new puzzler very similar to Cut the Rope, is also on Chillingo’s list. The game will require you to help the main character – a spider – to capture flies, while navigating through a slew of obstacles. The game will feature 75 puzzles.

Spoing (Games2Be) A World of Goo clone, Spoing is a new trampoline-based, precision platformer. Your job will be to navigate your way through a slew of dungeons to recover diamonds, while keeping the monsters trying to attack you at bay.

Chillingo did not provide any official release date yet, but these games are expected to hit the App Store within the next three to four weeks.