Logitech Alert Now Available – Video Surveillance on iPad in 720p HD

Earlier this week, Logitech announced that Logitech Alert for iPad, a new security app built to allow iPad users to monitor activities around their property, was about to be released. The app finally hit the App Store yesterday, and as promised, it allows users to stream 720p HD video feeds coming directly from their Logitech Alert security cameras. Audio and video are sent to the user’s iPad, over 3G and WiFi – note that WiFi offers a much better picture quality, but the app works just fine over 3G as well, especially when you need to check on your home or office while away from any WiFi access point.

The app also pushes motion alerts to the users, to alert them when their cameras pick up any kind of activity. In this case, the cameras will automatically record both audio and video when they detect motion while you were away, and will let you watch them on your iPad as many times as you want to identify suspicious activities. The automatic alerting feature requires a subscription to the Logitech Alert Web service, which costs $80 per year. Logitech Alert for iPad is free, but you will need to own one of the Logitech Alert cameras to be able to use it. The cameras cost anywhere between $200 and $500, depending on the model. For more details about the app, click here.