Seamlessly Transition Songs from your Mac to your iPhone with Seamless

Seamless, a new app from Five Details, lets you transition from playing music on your Mac to playing music on your iPhone or iPod touch – or vice versa – in a single tap. Say you’re listening to your favorite album on your Mac, and it’s time to go to work: instead of ruining your groove, simply hit a button, and your music will automatically transition to your iPhone, exactly where you left off. The app comes in two parts: an iOS app, as well as a Mac client, to allow the devices to communicate. Once installed, Seamless will automatically scan your Mac music library, and will allow you to transition your music from one device to the other, as long as both Mac and iPhone have the song currently playing in their respective libraries.

Seamless works exclusively over WiFi, so remember that all devices need to be on the same local network. The Mac client is free, while the iOS app will set you back $0.99 – a small price to pay to preserve your groove. For more details about the app, click here.