iTunes Music Locker to be Launched Very Soon

Yesterday, AllThingsD confirmed that several major record labels have already agreed to allow their music catalog to be part of Apple’s upcoming cloud-based music locker for iTunes. The service, expected to be launched within the next couple of months, will allow iOS and iTunes users to store their songs in Apple’s cloud, and have access to it from any device, anywhere. According to AllThingsD, Apple Vice President of Internet Services Eddy Cue has been visiting all major music labels to sell them Apple’s new music strategy and vision:
They’ve been very aggressive and thoughtful about it. It feels like they want to go pretty soon.
As usual with such major deals, the devil is in the details, and it could take months before all music labels embrace the new service. But the industry seems open to the idea, as the content locker would mean additional royalties for them, and would keep the users’ music within Apple’s walled garden, which would in turn prevent users from sharing it illegally, or use free music services such as The Hype Machine to gain access to their music from anywhere. Once launched, the service is expected to cost an additional $20 per year – less than $2 a month.