Next Generation iPhone to Come with Bigger Screen and A5 Chip?

Next generation iPhone rumors are pouring in these days, as we’re getting closer to WWDC 2011. Besides the expected preview of iOS 5, many are still hoping that a new iPhone will be announced during the conference. Over the last couple of days, several sites such as M.I.C gadget have even started to leak pictures of an alleged iPhone 4S (or iPhone 5), featuring a white faceplate, and an oversized, 3.7-inch ‘edge to edge’ screen specifically designed for the new phone. Besides its new screen, the iPhone 4S/5 is also expected to sport a slew of additional improvements over its predecessor, specifically the new dual-core processor A5, already featured in the iPad 2, and iPhone 4 prototypes compatible with T-Mobile’s network.

Left: white iPhone 4 – Right: white iPhone 4S/5

The new device is also expected to come with a new wireless chip from Qualcomm, allowing the device to be compatible with both at&t and Verizon. If you’re eagerly waiting to upgrade your older iPhone, do not rejoice too fast, as even if Apple announces the device at WWDC 2011 alongside iOS 5, the new phone is not expected to hit store shelves before Fall.