iOS 5 at Field Testing Stage

According to a handful of iOS developers, iOS 5 recently hit field testing stage, as crash reports coming from apps running on iOS devices powered by iOS 5 just started to pour in. FutureTap, the developer behind the Where To? app, received today an interesting crash report, coming from a device running “iPhone OS 5.0” (read iOS 5). According to the developer, the crash report was most likely generated by a bug related to the new location API within iOS 5.

iOS 5 will most likely be introduced during Apple’s annual WorldWide Developers Conference, and should be available during Fall. The new iteration of iOS is expected to be focused on cloud-based services, with new features such as a new digital locker for iOS users, and Apple-branded maps/navigation services. For more details about the next generation of iOS, check out our iOS 5 rumor roundup.