Planetary for iPad – An Amazing Way to Explore your Music Collection

Planetary, an iPad app from developer Bloom Studio, is a completely new way to explore your music collection. Instead of offering a traditional list of artists, albums and songs, the app offers a 3D universe dynamically created by the information collected from the songs on your device. Artists are represented by stars, albums are represented by planets, and songs are represented by moons. In other words, the app turns your entire music collection into a galaxy incredibly easy to explore. Planetary keeps track to the songs you listen the most, and the associated moons will grow accordingly. To listen to for your favorite tunes, simply tap on the largest moons in your galaxy, and if you want something new to listen to, simply look for the smallest ones. And if want to switch to another artist, simply navigate to a new star.

Planetary is really a new experience, as the user interface is nothing like any other music app ever released on an iOS device. Best of all, the app is absolutely free. More details about Planetary for iPad here.