GhostBird Launches PhotoForge 2 for iOS

GhostBird Software just released PhotoForge 2, an entirely new version of its award winning app, Photoforge for iPad. The app offers a completely revamped user interface, and a slew of new features, making it one of the – if not the – best image editing app for the iPhone. PhotoForge2 will allow you to edit full resolution photos just like on your desktop, and the app offers great features such as layers support, to allow you to arrange multiple photos into unique works of art. The app offers powerful tools like curves and levels to manipulate your photos with ease, and offers a slew of filters and effects to transform photos in a matter of minutes. Just like its predecessor, PhotoForge 2 will allow you to easily send your photos to friends and family directly from the app, or upload it and share it on most social websites. Full list of features:
  • Full Resolution Editing
    Unlike most photo apps that show only previews of your photo, with PhotoForge2 you are always editing the full resolution image. Zoom in to see every one of your pixels at any time.
  • Layers
    Create new layers from any photo or create an empty layer that can be filled with color. Change the layer’s blend mode and opacity, or rotate and transform it. Reorder and change layer visibility with ease. Add a mask to your layer to simply paint away portions you don’t want to see.
  • Adjustments
    PhotoForge2 come with some of the most powerful image manipulation tools available for iOS. These include Curves, Levels, Channel Mixer, Un-Sharp Mask, Sharpen, HSL, White Balance, Shadows & Highlights, Brightness & Contrast, Exposure Adjustment, Noise Reduction, Vibrance.
  • Filters and effects
    With over 25 different fully adjustable filters and effects, there’s something for everyone. You can even use multiple filters to create totally unique effects.
  • Pop! Cam
    Combine different films, lenses, filters, flashes, processing, papers and frames to create your own customized camera effect. With over 12 million combinations, find your own personal setup that can be uniquely yours.
  • Tools
    Image Resize, Cropping, Frames and Textures.
  • Photo Metadata
    Edit your photos IPTC and GPS metadata. Easily add GPS location to photos without or repair photos with incorrect info.
  • Sharing
    Save your photos to the photo album or email to friends and family. Upload with ease to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Drop Box, Picasa, Tumblr or to any FTP.

The app is only compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch for now, but an upcoming update will make the app compatible with the iPad as well. PhotoForge 2 will set you back $0.99, an incredibly low price for such a great app (note that the price will most likely increase within the next couple of weeks).