First iOS 5 Screenshot Leaked

According to TechCrunch, the first photo of iOS 5 just leaked. The screenshot, which is supposed to be the home screen of an iPhone running iOS 5, shows a couple of interesting tidbits. For instance, the icon for the Camera app is different, and the picture shows a new ‘Twitter notification bar’,  that seems to confirm that Twitter will be directly integrated into iOS 5. Another interesting change: the ‘Utilities’ folder next to the iTunes Store app contains an unknown app, right below the Calculator app (iOS 4 comes with only four apps within the ‘Utilities’ folder, not five).

While this image could very well be a fake, it shows a lot of the features expected to be part of iOS 5. Expect full blown pictures of the new OS to pop up very soon, as WWDC is about to be kicked off, with Steve Jobs’s keynote scheduled at 10 AM Pacific Time. The Apple CEO is expected to introduce the company’s new cloud services, named iCloud, as well as the new features offered by the upcoming OS X Lion, and iOS 5.