Apple Recalls Some Verizon iPad 2s

According to new reports, Apple is currently recalling a limited number of Verizon iPad 2s, due to an alleged production issue at one of Foxconn’s plants, the company that builds iOS devices on behalf of Apple. Apple confirmed the recall, limited to an “extremely small” number of devices. The culprit seems to be related to duplicate device identifiers, designed to uniquely identify the iPad 2s on Verizon’s network. Devices with the same identifier typically run into activation issues as the network receives requests from different iPad 2s which claim to be the same and unique devices.
Duplicate MEID numbers were flashed onto an extremely small number of iPad 2 units for the verizon 3G network, an Apple representative said on Friday. Although most of the small number of devices involved were still in the process of hitting the market, a few had already found their way into customers hands.
To keep users affected by the issue happy with their purchase, several freebies have been offered to Verizon customers, including free minutes and accessories. If your Verizon iPad 2 suffers from activation issues, and simply cannot register on Verizon’s network, your device might be affected – in this case, you might want to contact Apple’s support to check with them if your device is on the recall list. [via macrumors / allthingd]