Google Sync Updated: Major Improvements for Mail and Calendar for iPhone and iPad

Earlier today, Google updated its Sync service, in order to offer additional features to iOS devices users. The service, designed to keep your native Mail and Calendar apps constantly up-to-date, now offers many improvements, especially when it comes to exchanging information with Google’s servers. The first two improvements that come with the update are related to Google Mail, which will now allow you to look for specific messages stored on Google’s servers, as if they were stored locally on your device. The feature may sound like an ‘old’ feature for most web users, but the Gmail section within the Mail app has been lacking a search feature since its introduction. Also, power users who happen to use several email addresses tied to a single Gmail account are now offered the option to choose their sender’s email address, via a “Send Mail as” field. In other words, Sync will let you send messages with another email address listed as the sender instead of your default Gmail address, e.g. instead of

Finally, Sync now offers the ability to quickly and easily edit your calendar events. You can now accept, decline, and edit calendar events directly from the native iOS calendar app. Gmail Sync is free, and if you need some help with setting up an account, simply head over here.