iOS 5: Over-the-Air iOS Updates via WiFi and 3G

Once launched, iOS 5 should be the first version of iOS able to work without any cables – well, except the power cord. We knew that iOS 5 beta 2 already offered WiFi syncing on the Mac, but according to new findings, iOS 5 should also be able to update itself over the air, using Wi-Fi or 3G. The feature is not working yet, but the beta 2 of iOS 5 released late last week shows signs that the capability will soon make its debut, possibly via a third beta. Several strings hidden within the beta refer to “3G download errors,” with errors such as “This update requires a Wi-Fi or 3G connection to download,” or “This update requires at least %i%% battery, and 500 MB of available storage.” While this could be nothing more than a coincidence, the size of the update (500 MB) matches the average size of iOS releases, and implies that iOS 5 will indeed be able to update itself without the need to use a Mac or a PC and iTunes. The final version of iOS 5 is expected to be made available later this year, alongside the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 allegedly entered the final stage of its design phase about 10 days ago, and is currently being tested by Appleā€™s engineers. iOS 5 will offer a slew of improvements, such as a vastly improved notifications system, Twitter integration, better Safari and Mail apps, the new iMessage service, iCloud integration, improved multitasking, and better overall responsiveness. [via 9to5mac]